One week. Two Cities

MTCMBack in June, I started a blog post that I never finished.  At that time, I was pleased with steadily increasing my weekly mileage (no more than 10% per week), including three successive Saturday long runs of 14, 16, and 18 miles with no issues. Ah…those were the best of times.

However, after the Fourth of July, my travel picked up considerably and I ended up working a lot more than I would have liked.  My goal was to get  in all the miles; get in all the training; still get in all that’s required to do my job.  Alas, I didn’t quite work out that way, as life, work, and some badly timed fatigue caught up with me through critical training periods.

With less than before I toe the line for my tenth marathon, I am in a much different place than I’ve been for any marathon – except for perhaps Boston 2014.

When the year began, I chose the Twin Cities Marathon for marathon #10.  At the time, I was intending to be able to dedicate my summer to intense training and an attempt to obliterate my PR.  After I run Twin Cities,  I’ll come back and talk about some of the physical issues that have arisen over the last couple of years.  Suffice it to say that my goals have changed for Twin Cities on October 4 to simply see if I can do better than my struggle last fall at the Wineglass Marathon in Corning, New York.

But here’s the thing…I don’t care!  After pushing hard and beating myself up to get the PR in 2013, followed by beating myself up and then feeling beat up ever since trying to beat that time, I found peace not too long ago in the warm embrace of the thinking that….wait for it…..


The whole reason I started this whole thing in the first place was to get healthier and stay active. The early success was great – but it also created a lot more drive to go faster than my body and my lifestyle could support.

And before I head out of town, I should get good news that I’ll be running the Boston Marathon in 2016.

After that, who knows?  It may be 2017 before the next marathon.

Training during football season stinks!  🙂


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