Hey, got a second?

Just a second will do.

The next time someone asks you if “you have a second,” think before you answer.  A second can be a blink of an eye, but it can also be an eternity.  One measly damn second…

One_Second_redSo now what?  Be upset?  Be mad?  Throw a tantrum.  Nahhhhh….that hasn’t been my style for a little while.

Truth be told, this is good karma, not bad karma.  When I ran the Wineglass Marathon last October, my official time was 3:22:33.  However, the Wineglass Marathon had a timing error (which they have still never admitted) that benefitted a large portion of the field, including me.

I had a terrible time that day in the last 6 miles, for a variety of reasons that were largely predictable.  I was glad to finish the damn race, and I did so almost 50 seconds slower than my “official” time.  Many runners, including a writer for Runner’s World that ran the race, contacted Wineglass to report the error, as did I.  They thought the same as I did – I didn’t want to get something I didn’t earn, and I would have been upset knowing I kept someone else out of Boston.

Wineglass wouldn’t budge, though.  They insisted their equipment was accurate, in spite of a different website from the official timer reporting my accurate race time and that of others.  For me, it worked out as it should have. I didn’t run fast enough to get in so I have to try to do it again in order to run my third Boston Marathon.  Fine.  Challenge accepted.

I will miss all my friends terribly on April 18, but I will be cheering them on as loud as I can.

Last thoughts before Twin Cities on Sunday

I honestly have no idea how my run will go. I am not 100% and had a so-so training cycle.  My goal is to be able to pull it together enough to run sub 3:20:00 to best my Boston qualifying time (for 2017) by more than 5 minutes.  That all but guarantees entry in 2017.  However, I am going to listen to my body, and if it doesn’t give me the answer that I want…well, then it will be a 26.2 mile fun run.  (Which it is supposed to be anyway!)

I get to travel with my lovely bride to a cool city and one of the country’s premiere races.  It is my 10th marathon, after having only been at it since 2010.  There are lots of reasons to celebrate and enjoy the experience, and very few reasons to be a grumpy ass about it.  Come what may, I’ll do my best.

…and then I’ll start planning for the next one.


4 Replies to “Hey, got a second?”

  1. I know it’s not a great outcome but perhaps it can give you some time to train for something else or another race distance. You could build up more speed/turnover.

    I can’t wait to see how you do this weekend though. It’s hard to believe we ran that 14 so long ago together.


    1. It’s even harder to believe we ran 14 that day and survived the heat and humidity! And yes – you’ve nailed it as far as focus over the next several months. Overall health and rebuilding some speed will be main objectives.


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