Back in the saddle again

Let winter training begin!

Rockin` to and fro
Back in the saddle again
I go my way
Back in the saddle again

After several weeks of basically maintenace miles, coupled with bouts of self-destruction sporadic rehabiliation, the march to the Boston Marathon on April 17, 2017 has begun.

164 days.  That’s just over 5 months. That is an eternity for a training plan. And while I don’t yet have a formal training plan (that comes in a few more weeks), I have plan on how to get to Hopkinton in shape and ready to go.

Tune up

The first thing I committed to do is a tune up race, which will be the Phoenix Half Marathon on February 25.  Two years ago, I had the exact same plan before Boston 2014, and I ended up getting quite sick after an early February half marathon here in Colorado. I arrived in Phoenix three weeks later having not run at all since the previous half.  I slogged my way 13.1 miles in a respectable time, but it in no way was the race I could have run there.

My goal is to use November and December get back in the saddle.  Regular miles, focused training, and a concentrated effort on repairing some of the problems that I still have going on from before the summer started.  (See my last blog entry)

Winter training

A lot people do not like winter training, especially in Colorado.  Come on…cold, snow – maybe a little ice?  What’s not to love??

Other than dealing with the demands of my work life and the shorter days, I actually love winter training.  As long as the temperature is not below zero, for example, I find that I have trained better in the winter than I have in the summer, primarily because I do not ever really get cold.  By comparison, I overheat easily, especially when the temperature is over 60º.  I attribute this to growing up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where -30º temps for part of the winter were not unheard of. We skied in it all the time, and I remember how good it felt when it eventually “warmed up” and got above zero.

My ideal running conditions would be 45º with overcast skies and no wind. Maybe not for EVERY run, and I will be prepared to run in anything.

Regardless, there is also a sense of accomplishment any time I complete a run in adverse conditions.  “If I can survive that, I can survive anything a marathon can throw at me…”

The upside is that the whole world looks different in the wintertime.

Questions for you: Do you like winter training?  How do you handle running in cold weather?  What is the coldest weather you’ve ever run in?


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