There is more to life than…

There is more to life than ____________ (you fill in the blank.)

For me, there is more to life than running. If you followed the blog that I wrote pretty religiously for the years I found religion on running – A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Marathon – then you know it was exclusively a running blog. As it turns out, I spend a lot more time doing other things…and a lot of time thinking about other things. That was not the case for the first few years of the blog, when I was (yes, I can admit it) obsessed.

So I thought I would shift gears a little bit – a new blog with a new theme, rather than change the one I had.  I’ll leave “A Funny Thing…” there as a historical document reflecting a period of shifts in my personal motivations – and obsessions. I’ll close out that blog over there without much fanfare and start “Running Amok,” even though I’ve been running amok the whole time. (All that said, I decided it would be easier to import all those posts. Everything from 2016 and earlier is imported.)

But there is more to life than running, starting with my lovely bride and stepdaughter.  Family is everything.


So when I can, I’ll post something here.  Sometimes it will be about family.  Sometimes about running.  Maybe work or traveling.  Maybe (with apologies to “Seinfeld” it will be about nothing at all). It will be more interesting to write than “A Funny Thing…” because a spend most of my time doing something other than running – or thinking about running – and write I about should conceivably be more diverse.

So here we go…running amok in the world.


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