Who Am I?

fullsizeoutput_883There is nothing more difficult (for most people, I hope) than talking about oneself – revealing the “who I am” to those that land on this page that know if I am telling the truth, as well as those that have no idea in the world who I am. So…here are the facts as I understand them.

I was born and raised in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where I lived full time until I graduated  from Jackson Hole High School in 1989. I think I had a normal childhood.  I had a mom and a dad and a dog and sometimes a cat. I rode my bike and mowed lawns in the summers and skied in the very long winters. When I was in high school, I played four years of football, skied on the high school team for four years, and pretended I was a track athlete (shotput and discus) for four years. When I graduated, I got a scholarship to go to the University of Wyoming, where no one cared what I had done for the 18 years before I arrived in Laramie in the fall of 1989.  I lost old friends and made new ones.  I spent my summers in Jackson and the rest of the time slogging toward my marketable bachelors degree in political science.

When I graduated, the university paid me to come back and get my masters degree. So I did!  I avoided getting married to the woman I dated for a couple years.  I started to figure out what I liked and didn’t like. And by the time I got my master in public administration in 1993, I was 90% of the way to getting engaged to my first wife and leaving Wyoming for other places.

By 1999, I was in Colorado and found my place in the world with a job that I still have today.  The marriage didn’t last.  That ended in 2006 so I could find the one I was really meant to be with two short years later and that I married in 2009.

Yep…there is a lot more that happened in between all of those things.  If you know me, you might know some of them. If you don’t, then we might talk about them over a beer sometime while I am learning about your story.

So who am I?

I am a happily married deputy director of a nonprofit organization that helps Colorado municipal officials do their jobs better, at the same time that I shamelessly and tirelessly back the University of Wyoming Cowboys in anything and everything and truly believe that UW is the greatest university on the planet.  I live and breathe “Wyoming” while I live and work in Colorado. I am a husband and stepfather to two of the most amazing women I could ever hope to meet.  I am a runner…an accidental marathoner that struggles with whether not running is something I will always love versus something I will always use to challenge myself to be better and live healthier.  Maybe it’s both…maybe it’s neither.

I tweet.  I Facebook.  I sorta kinda Instagram.  I don’t understand Snapchat, and I never will. I wonder how many social media platforms are really even necessary beyond the first two…and maybe including Snapchat if someone ever explains it to me.

I am restless.  I never have enough time, but I am good at wasting the time that I have.  I make lists in my mind that I forget before I write them down…which is okay because I never stick to my written lists anyway.

Good Lord…I have some serious issues! 🙂



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